Best Domestic Rabbit Breeds

The little rabbit is known to almost everyone. Rabbits have short tails and long ears. Also, the hind legs of rabbits are kind of elongated. Rabbits are very social animals. They are found almost everywhere in the world except Antarctica. Rabbits belong to the genus Lagomorpha (“Leporidae”). This genus includes about 52 species of rabbits.
Rabbits cannot withstand temperatures above 34 degrees Celsius or 94 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in this modern world, many people keep rabbits at home as a hobby. The three powers of sight, hearing, and smell of rabbits are mighty.
Due to the humble, flexible, and friendly nature of rabbits, they gained a wide reputation as domesticated animals in modern times. In today’s article, we will discuss An Overall Guide to the Best Domestic Rabbit Breeds For Families. So let’s get started with the topic. Hopefully, you’ll be with us from the beginning to the end.

American Rabbit

The American rabbit is a lowly and quiet species. Its average weight is 9 to 11 kg, and its lifespan is 8 to 10 years. This species of rabbit can adapt very well to small and large children, older people, couples, and single people. They are widely known as pets because of their humble and flexible nature. American rabbits are very friendly, moderately sporty, and unparalleled in their care. This rabbit breed has white fur and red eyes, which is very attractive.

Alaskan Rabbit

The Alaskan rabbit is a friendly, outgoing, and sociable breed. It is another species of rabbit that Can even live well with other animals. They enjoy spending time with their human owners. The reasons for the early popularity of Alaskan rabbits are: Alaskan rabbits have beautiful black coats on their skin and are very lively, friendly, and easy-going. Rabbit lovers are particularly interested in Alaskan rabbits, perfect for domesticated rabbits.

Angora Rabbit

Rabbits of this species are very calm. Angora rabbits are most popular because of their large, beautiful, attractive fur. The primary color of the hair of this species is considered to be white, but there are many species whose skin is blue, gray, or black. Angora prefers their daily brushing. Rabbits of this species expect a lot of affection from their owners. This adorable species of rabbit will be quite suitable as a domestic animal. The royal fur of Angora has made this rabbit breed even more attractive. So rabbit lovers feel more attracted to this rabbit..

California Rabbit

California belongs to the family of rabbit meat. The breed was born in the state of California in the United States. Three species of rabbits took part in creating the California breed: the Chinchilla, the Russian rabbit, and the New Zealand white rabbit. Since the California rabbit was bred in parts of three species, delicious meat from chinchilla; The ability to grow white faster than New Zealand; The Russians have adopted color and skin quality from it. California rabbits have a calm disposition, so they are kept at home as pets.



  • Rabbits help relieve your stress.
  • Raising rabbits costs much less. So if you get a pet for a minimal charge, it may be a great partner.
  • Raising rabbits can alleviate your various heart problems.
  • It is possible to keep rabbits in very few places, so rabbits are perfect as a pet.
  • There is no pair of rabbits to overcome loneliness. A beautiful species of rabbit can quickly help you overcome loneliness.
  • Rabbits are eco-friendly animals.
  • Rabbits can be raised to reduce the level of depression.


  • Young grass, herbs, carrots, radishes, grains, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, hay, vegetables, wheat, husks, sorghum, hail, soybeans, milk, bread, and gram are daily food. Grass and vegetables should always be given in dry or shiny condition. You can boil soaked wheat or gram and mix husk with it.

Residence OF RABBIT

  • Rabbits can be kept in small residences on the roof, patio, or balcony.
  • Litter method for Residence: The floor should be made of concrete. Rabbits dig holes in the ground. In the litter method, trash, wood chips, or paddy straw should be spread 4 to 5 inches thick on the floor.
  • Cage system for Residence: The cage system is prevalent for commercial rabbit rearing. In that case, a cage with 3 to 4 shelves made of iron sheets is more suitable for the cell. Each of them has to make a nest, leaving the necessary space for the rabbit.

Behavior OF RABBIT

  • Chinning, Thumping, Eating droppings, Growling, Nudging, Flopping, Binkying, Fur pulling, Screaming, Putting head flat on the ground Etc.

Most Common Illnesses to Pet RABBIT

Cysticercosis, Coccidiosis, Pneumonia, Pasteurellosis, Conjunctivitis, Scabies, Fascioliasis, Myxomatosis, Infectious rhinitis, Tularemia
  • One teaspoon of castor oil should be given to rabbits.
  • To avoid gastrointestinal disease, rabbits need water mixed with potassium permanganate may be added to the drinker in phases.
  • You can use saline in the lower abdomen of rabbits.
  • An enema is cleaned with a mild soap solution.
  • They need to be sterilized, and water and feed hygiene monitored.
  • Manage runs every day.
  • Prevention of various respiratory diseases is reduced to keep the room moist and eliminate drafts.


  • You need to choose healthy and proper food for your rabbit.
  • Vaccination should be done at the right time.
  • It would be best to keep your rabbits in a proper residence or cage. Make sure the cage is clean at all times.
  • Make sure the toy you let your favorite rabbit play with is not made with any s.
  • Since rabbits have a lot of fur on their body, they should be scratched regularly all the time.
  • Rabbits need to be health-conscious.
  • In case of any disease, medicine should be given per the doctor’s advice.
  • According to the doctor’s advice, rabbits should be bathed with antibacterial soap or shampoo.


Vaccine for Rabbit:
  • Myxomatosis
  • Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease-1 (RVHD-1)
  • Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease-2 (RVHD-2)
Vaccine for Rabbit Holder:
  • No such vaccine is required for those who keep rabbits at home. Only the common rabies vaccine should be given.


  • Protect your rabbit from various harmful insects.
  • Always keep the rabbit cage clean and tidy and care if the cell is kept outside.
  • Don’t leave your rabbit alone.
  • Keep your rabbit away from fires and electronic items.
  • If you live in a multi-story building, put nets on windows and doors so that rabbits do not accidentally fall.

Hopefully, after reading our full article today, you have learned about different species of rabbits. Besides, you know which species of rabbit would be perfect as your pet. So why delay? Pick the rabbit of your choice today and make your daily life more beautiful.