Cats are very popular among pets all over the world. The cat’s soft fluffy and cuddly feel is enough to attract anyone. Cats are in high demand as pets due to their lovely appearance and fancy nature. But the cat is not just a sighted animal, it also has so many health benefits. Having a cat in the house will not only alleviate your loneliness but will also help you save money.
One study found that those who keep cats often lead healthier lives than others. Studies have also shown that the company of cats is an addition to human health, that is, the company of cats helps to maintain good human health. Today’s article will be extraordinary and also essential for those healthy families who admire domesticated Cats. So let’s discover the details-

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a very large breed of cat, often twice the size of other domestic cats. The Maine Coon cat is a natural breed and one of the largest breeds of domestic cats. It is a popular native breed among other cats due to its large size, long silky fur, and its calm and gentle nature.


The Maine Coon cat is also an intelligent and affectionate cat species that likes to be active and also loves to be around humans and other animals. The Maine Coon cat can also be housed in the same home with children, dogs, or adults, meaning it is an ideal pet.

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are great as pets because they are friendly, affectionate, and attractive. They also have smooth bodies and blue eyes, which is why cat lovers are easily attracted to them. Siamese cats tend to be more vocal than other cat breeds.
Siamese cats are very easy to train and can memorize several commands. Today, Siamese cats are the third most popular cat breed in the world. These cats are found all over the world. The Siamese cat’s personality is friendly, affectionate, outgoing, and social. This beautiful breed of cat is also one of the most intelligent cats around us.

Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats have a luxurious appearance and great character, making them a very popular breed as domestic cats. This breed of cat is thought to have originated in California in the early 70s. One of the characteristics of these cats is that the back of their body is much larger than the front. Ragdoll cats also have amazingly beautiful eyes.

“The Ragdoll cat is best known for its calm and affectionate temperament and generally moving nature. It is a very comfortable and gentle cat that is also well known for its intelligence. Ragdoll cats are known to be much cooler and friendly than other domesticated cat breeds.

Burmese Cat

Burmese cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats. Burmese cats are beautiful, affectionate, and have very little fur. Burmese, though not big cats, they are very muscular. These cats greet guests without fear, but with curiosity, walk around and look at new guests. The Burmese cat is a beautiful and affectionate animal that quickly captures the heart of the whole family.

“They like to sit on the sofa and on the owner’s lap. The Burmese cat is an intelligent and resourceful animal. So they can be easily taught to bring different toys at the behest of their owner. Also, kittens can perform basic commands as soon as they start training when they are small.



  • Several studies have shown that feeding cats reduces stress. This reduces the risk of heart disease. One study found that for those who keep cats; the risk of heart disease is 30 percent lower than other people.
  • The cat’s ‘meow meow’ call is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, which acts as a therapy to cure inflammation of the muscles and bones of the body. It can play a role in the treatment of joints and muscles.
  • Sleep is better in the presence of cats. According to the Myoclonic Center for Sleep Medicine, cats can be kept as sleep companions.
  • When a person spends time with cats, their body secretion of calming and relaxing chemicals increases. That’s why it’s to control stress, anger & depression.
  • Children under the age of one who is in love with cats; are less likely to have different types of allergies.


  • Cats must be fed non-vegetarian food. Fatty and sugary foods should also be given on time. Also boiled chicken without skin, boiled liver, boiled fish, eggs, boiled vegetables (pumpkin, gourd, cucumber, pea, carrot, bean, broccoli, sweet potato), boiled corn, boiled wheat, banana, watermelon without a bean, blue- Berries, hard cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt. 
  • You can soak oats in hot water for 10 to 20 minutes, mix eggs or yolks and leave it for a while. It is better to give oily fish during winter.
  • Keep grass at home. Cats eat grass when needed.

Residence of Cat

  • The residence should be catproof or cat friendly. Especially in multi-story buildings, that is, where the cat can go out or fall, stick with a small net. Even bathroom windows should be netted in the same way. 
  • Do not use cockroaches or rat venom around cat residences.
  • There should be enough light and air in the cat’s residence. Make sure your cat doesn’t have any problems.

Behavior of Cat

  • Purring, meeting, grooming, kneading, soaring, trunk, pounce, thrill, etc.

Most Common Illnesses to Pet Cat

  • Bad breath: Bad breath occurs when a cat’s gums are eroded. In this case, the teeth are more likely to fall. In addition, even if you have kidney problems, you may have bad breath. So always keep your cat’s teeth clean. However, if this problem seems too much, then consult a doctor.

  • Weight Loss: If you feel that the cat has lost weight after taking it in its lap, consult a veterinarian immediately. Weight loss will be followed by thyroid disease and even cancer.

  • To urinate here and there: If the cat suddenly starts to get dirty even after undergoing ‘potty train’, then it should be understood that he may be suffering from some urinary tract problem. There is no easy way to look at this problem at all. Therefore, it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible, that is, to contact a doctor.

  • Do not clean the fur: Cats and cats usually clean their bodies by licking. However, if for some reason the cat stops cleaning its body, then it is not normal. Notice if the cat has insects or scabs.

Care for Cat

  • If there are lice on the cat, it is itchy at the base of the tailor in the abdomen. You can bathe carefully with antiseptic shampoo. However, make sure that water does not get into the ears.
  • Wipe immediately after bathing or dry the hair with a hairdryer.
  • Keep your cat’s urinal clean. 
  • Always be careful when cutting cat nails. In case not cutting too many nails in case of various problems or serious accidents can occur such as – nervous problems, even death can occur. 
  • Adequate lighting should be provided if the cat is left alone in a room other than during sleep.
  • If you want to go somewhere for a while, leave your cat in a familiar and safe shelter.

Vaccine For Pet Cat

  • NOBIVAC Feline 1-HCPCh
  • Tetanus (Vaccine For Cat Golders)